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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

*This is a repost from an older blog. Originally written Jan 19th, 2014.*

First tiny sketch of my Signature Logo

Because of my great connection to the sacred Amanita Muscaria mushroom I find that the Sun and Yin-Yang are two excellent pre-existing symbols that identify well with them.
The Sun has always been a favorite. It symbolizes power, much like that of a God. That is why it reflects the Amanita so perfectly. I hold them with highest regard. I feel the two are greatly connected to each other. The sun reaches down(Sky Father) and the Amanita(Earth Mother) reaches up to the sun.
The Number of rays is eight, a number that has always played a significant role in my life. It also resembles a wheel, a cycle and directions, which represents Buddhism, Shamanism, and Native American teachings. A wheel that is a infinite cycle of life. This is what the Muscaria has taught me.
Even their colors go hand in hand in my opinion. Yellow has become my new favorite color not only because of the Sun, but because yellow is a bright energy also…it’s very cheerful, happy. Red is a grounding color..very powerful. Bringing us closer to Earth Mother, much like the Amanita itself. Two colors which I need more of in my life.
As for the Yin-Yang, it represents a great lesson to be learned from the Amanita. I find it very difficult to express into words it’s exact lesson, but it is a lesson of duality. Two sides of everything. The importance of balance is shown to create harmony. This is also another representation of a never ending cycle…which is another lesson the Amanita teaches. I have seen the infinite loop of eternity.
I find that this new signature I’ve created is a reminder of the lessons I’ve encountered with the Amanitas. I am always wanting to be sure to practice those lessons. In a lot of ways this represents me.
First time I drew my ‘Sun-Yang’ was in this piece.

The ‘Sun-Yang’ is something that I have worked with before in previous art works of mine. The Tree Sun is the inspiration behind it all. 🙂 More of my art work can be found in my Art set on Flickr.
Top doodle inspired me to add the Amanita to the ‘Sun-Yang’ mix

I am wanting to create a more professional, more official drawing, with more detail and precision soon. Perhaps even mix it with a photograph I have taken.

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